Devon & Jones Ladies' Stretch Poplin Blouse

Devon & Jones Ladies' Stretch Poplin Blouse

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Devon & Jones Ladies' Perfect Fit™ 3/4-Sleeve Stretch Poplin Blouse

Custom Logo


To start your understanding of our logo embroidery pricing, we charge a one-time (usually $45) fee to create the digital embroidery file.  We do this instead of rolling this cost into the cost of the first order.  We show you this cost up front, rather than increasing the price of the garment or embroidery. That way, you pay it only once – not every time you order.

And…if you order 50 or more pieces with your first order, we waive the fee! Once we have a digital embroidery file created for your logo, all you pay for is the garment price and the embroidery charge. Both are lowered as you order more.

We also don’t include the logo embroidery pricing in the garment for two reasons. Second, some logos are more expensive than others (based on stitch count).  

A note on garment prices: When you order at least 36 pieces, every item is discounted 10%.  Order at least 75 pieces and the discount is 15%, and order at least 150 and the discount is 20%.  This is based on the size of the entire order which can be a mix of styles, sizes and colors. We also offer special discounts for non-profits, churches, government, military, police and fire departments.



Almost all of the left chest and cap logos we embroider qualify for the pricing above (based on stitch count). If your logo contains more than 10,000 stitches, the price goes up incrementally based on stitch count and quantity ordered as shown in the table below.